What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is a way of improving your website’s ranking in search engines. By doing so, you are helping potential customers find your business. There are tons of ways to do this, both good and bad. Hire a bad SEO firm and you might just find your website banned from search engines like Google altogether. Hire a good one and your site’s traffic can increase, increasing your business.

What does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) entail?

Again there are many ways to help build your website’s ranking and credibility. Below is a list of common tactics to increase your website’s ranking.

Having relevant and targeted keywords in your website – Having the right keywords in your website is very important. Search engines look at both the hidden keyword meta-tag as well as the overall content of your site. The more relevant keywords you have the better. Keywords that are too broad might get you visitors but they seldom lead to sales. Keywords that are too specific may never even be searched for. The key to keywords is choosing the right ones. As part of constructing your website we will discuss keywords with you and come up with a list that fits your needs.

Content is king – Having relevant, high-quality content is very important. Search engines index your website based on the information found on it so having lots of content relevant to your industry and supporting your keywords is very important.

Social Media – Having a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, You-Tube videos, etc is another way to help your site be found. In a world of social media your site cannot be too connected to the rest of the world. We can help you get your Facebook, Twitter or You-Tube accounts set-up to take advantage of this market.

Local Directories – Local directory listings like Google Places and Yahoo Local are great resources for listing your business. These will help local customers in your area searching for your products and/or services find you.

Link Building – Getting relevant links to your site is the key to climbing the search results. This is an ongoing process which is never finished. You can guarantee that your competitors are continuing to build links to their site and so should you. Search results are fluid and if you stop pursuing links because your site reaches the top one day, you can guarantee that your competitors will pass you up.

Articles Directories – Another way to help increase the credibility of your website is by writing and publishing articles to your website and other Article Directories. Articles on your site help by increasing relevant content on your site. By submitting articles you have written to articles directories, you can build more relevant links to your site as well as build your website’s credibility.

Up-To-Date Content – Keeping your website fresh and new is also a great way to help increase not only your search ranking but keep your visitors coming back. If you have out of date content even people who find your site may leave without digging in further. A blog or other frequent updates are a great way to keep your website fresh.

Time – Believe it or not Google and other search engines take into account the length of time your website has been up and running as well as the length of time each link to your site has been active. This means it simply takes time to progress up the search engine results. Any company who can guarantee results within a week, etc is lying to you. It is these black-hat SEO companies that may just get your website banned from Search Engines for life.
How Do I Implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy?

Just having a website is not enough! You need to continually work on getting visitors to your site! We can help you setup a Google Analytics account to help you monitor your website statistics including your top performing keywords, number of unique visitors and more! For more information about SEO, please check out our Search Engine Optimization Articles.