Initial Consultation

The first step is to schedule your free phone consultation. During this initial consultation we will discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have about the process. Together we will come up with a plan-of-action and cost estimate* for your developing your new website. This plan will include coming up with a domain name, color scheme, look & feel, basic layout, price, etc.

Custom Website Design

Next, you will gather together the information for your site including logos, graphics, pictures, text, documents, etc and email it to us. The more input and information you can provide the smoother the design process will go. From the information you provide, we will come up with a custom design proof for your site and email that do you. Once you are satisfied with the design and it has been agreed upon and the initial down payment has been made we will begin building your new website.

Preliminary Site Review

Once the preliminary design of your site has been determined, we will take the content you have provided and begin building your actual website. Once the initial working version has been completed, you will have the chance to review things and we will make any needed changes and revisions for you.

Final Site Review

After completing the initial round of changes you will have another opportunity to review your site before final approval. Once you are satisfied, the final payment will be made and your website will ‘go-live’ for the whole world to see.

* The initial estimate is just an estimate, depending on the actual number of revisions and time needed to complete your project the final cost may be higher than stated in the initial estimate. The final invoice will reflect that and will be due before the site will ‘go-live’.