Why Hire a Professional?

Poorly designed web sites are common. There are web sites with blinking text, clashing colors, huge graphics and music that plays automatically. While these design blunders are bad enough on a personal web site, when they occur on a business web site, it can mean disaster.

Every business needs a web site. Unfortunately, many business owners scrimp when it comes to web development, thinking they can do it themselves. Perhaps they ask their 13-year-old nephew to create a web site. Or, they use one of the many do-it-yourself web design programs or template systems that are available because they are quick and inexpensive. But if you are a business owner and choose one of these options, you will likely not get a web site that will allow your business to truly benefit from an online presence.

An experienced, professional web site designer knows how to create an attractive, easily navigated site that will appeal to visitors. A professional designer has studied color and how it relates to the web. An experienced web developer knows that people use different web browsers and designs so the web site layout will work in all of them. She knows how to optimize graphics for the web, and has studied and kept up with the techniques for higher rankings in Google and other search engines. A good web designer will walk you through the design process so developing your web site is not a chore.

It takes time and dedication for a serious web designer to learn everything there is to know about designing for the web. It takes ongoing education. It takes experience. An accomplished web designer can give you so much more than a template or do-it-yourself program can.

Here’s another way to look at it: Did you make your own business sign or did you use a professional? Did you put your own plumbing in or do your own electrical wiring? Unless you have the specific training to do those tasks, you probably hired a professional. The same should be true of developing your web site.

People all over the world will see your web site. While at your site, they form an opinion about your business based on what they see. If your site is hard to navigate, is unclear about what the business does and takes forever to download, their perception of your business declines. It’s as if they walked into your physical location and found dirt and dust everywhere. That is not the impression you want to make.

The fact is that the public expects a business to have a professional looking web site that provides them with the information they need. Unless a business owner has the time and skills to create such a site, he should seriously consider hiring a web professional.

by Kristine Schwartzman